About Us

TAP is built upon the skills and drive of individuals who have overcome extraordinary challenges to achieve success.

Headed up by former Paralympic swimming champion Liz Johnson and staffed exclusively by people with impairments, TAP is a 'for-profit' business, not a charity, and works with some of the UK's most sought after employer brands. 

Our consulting team all live with the realities of ‘disability’ but have chosen to be defined by what they ‘can do’, amassing an impressive array of accolades in the worlds of sport, industry, community and education.

This unique perspective means we see talent that others miss. After all, we’ve built careers by defying expectation.

The Ability People are competitive, highly motivated and know that how something is achieved is as important as the achievement itself. That’s why our accomplishments define us, not our limitations.

Read our team profiles to learn more about what makes us special.