Where did the idea come from?


TAP Team

The idea for TAP came about when our Managing Director, Liz Johnson, was introduced to Steve Carter, a recruitment professional with over 30 years’ experience in the industry.

Liz’s understanding of the daily challenges faced by those with disability and/or impairment, and the attributes and character traits that they possess as a result, from graduates to former Paralympians, coupled with Steve’s understanding of the recruitment sector, saw the idea for TAP formed. Together, they recognised that the recruitment industry needed to be shaken up, that a better way of doing business could be created. That this could be done whilst also creating a new way for those with barriers to conventional employment environments to forge bright careers was an added bonus.

And so, TAP was born. The initial team have been handpicked based on the fact they demonstrate the skills and attributes required to excel within this industry. Our talented consultants have been trained by some of the industry’s premier recruitment professionals. Crucially, their experiences of navigating the jobs market as a disabled person will be integrated into the TAP approach and values. Our team will focus on what candidates can do, not what they can’t do. They will approach each role and each candidate with empathy, an open mind, and positivity. Providing an excellent service to both candidates and clients.

One question that’s been asked a lot since we started on the TAP journey is, “are you a charity?”. The answer is, no. We’re proudly for-profit. Why? Why shouldn’t we be? There’s a widely held assumption that projects or initiatives staffed by people with impairments can only be viable when operated as charities. We’re here to prove that not only is this not the case, but that they can be thriving, profitable businesses that can challenge traditional businesses for market share.

As a team, we have a wealth of experience in recruitment, as well as bags of passion and drive when it comes to building careers (both for ourselves and our clients!). TAP is here to challenges preconceptions and deliver an excellent service. We can’t wait to get started!