The areas we work in


TAP Team

At TAP we will be focusing our work on 4 key areas of recruitment:

1) Engineering & Technical

The manufacturing and industrial sectors are big employers and demand for professionals in these areas is only growing. Technological innovation and the increasing importance of sustainability and clean technology means there are many exciting opportunities within these fields.

We work with out clients to hand-pick the best technical professionals from a number of specialisms which include:

·       Manufacturing & industry

·       Maintenance

·       Design

·       Construction

·       Environment & sustainability

2) Digital & E-Commerce

The digital sphere is one of the most dynamic sectors and TAP is aiming to be at the forefront of its development. We want to help this sector continue its rapid evolution and so work with the best and brightest.

We specialise in the following disciplines

·       Digital marketing & advertising

·       Social media and community management

·       SEO and web analytics

·       Insights

·       User experience

·       Content creation and management

·       Graphic & web design

·       Project management

3) Human Resources

Human Resources may have been around for a while but don’t let that fool you – it’s where some of the greatest changes in society occur. The employment landscape is responding to ‘generational’ expectations, the introductions of new careers and roles, globalisation, regulation and the push towards diversity and inclusivity.

Specialist areas within this sector include

·       Diversity and inclusion

·       HR transformation & change

·       Workforce management

·       Learning & development

·       Compensation and reward strategy

·       Conflict resolution

·       Regulatory change

·       Global mobility

·       Recruitment and retention

·       Performance management

4) NextGen

NextGen is a unique area for us as it is our only team exclusively dedicated to supporting people with disability or impairment. NextGen reflects our core values and commitment to a community whose talent society has not yet recognised.

Personal experience means we know that those most impacted by bias are the ones leaving university, college or school and embarking on a career. Getting started is hard enough for the non-disabled but for those with disabilities it can be prohibitive, unnecessarily intimidating and incredibly frustrating. As a result, those with disabilities are being under-represented in a range of professions and this creates a much wider problem in society.

The NextGen team will help employers become truly more inclusive as well as working with those with disabilities as they begin their professional lives.