The Top 5 Ways Recruiters Add Value To Your Business


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At the heart of every business lies its people. Hire the right team and you’re well on your way to success. However, the word ‘recruitment’ often comes with many negative misconceptions.

Throughout this blog we share the top 5 ways recruiters can add value to your business.

Only work with ‘trusted market insiders’

There is no shortage of recruiters trying to work with you, most of them have a ‘slick pitch’ but do they know your market and are they trusted by the community?

Outstanding recruiters have invested significant time in understanding how specific talent and employer markets work which gives them the credibility to offer objective advice that creates a level of trust. Ask your professional peers for a recommendation or referral, challenge the recruiter to demonstrate they have an appreciation of your market - who do they know? Who have they worked with? Have they written or even read blogs & market commentary?

Ask your recruiter where they ‘add value’

In 2018, finding a candidate online isn’t difficult - so why pay a fee for something you could easily do yourself? Well, whilst it’s true we all have access to information about potential candidates, finding the right candidate amongst the infinite number of people across all of the professional and social platforms is increasingly difficult.

Beyond the identification process, a recruiter should be a specialist, be able to access talent pools not available to you directly, promote your employer brand positively, manage compliance & onboarding, understand your business & team culture, know ‘what good looks like’, move quickly, have a strategy and importantly be good value for money.

If your recruiter can’t articulate that beyond ‘I’ve found a good candidate’ then ask them to try harder.

Going beyond ‘matching’ and being prepared to challenge

When you brief a recruiter on a role, the best recruiters will ask questions and challenge you across a number of areas. Those that are ‘order takers’ will go straight into ‘matching mode’, where they load Linkedin or their database with a number of search criteria to find a match. But it’s impossible to search in this way for an individual that is a cultural fit, can add value as a leader, will inspire others and get along well with your team

A good recruiter appreciates the importance of ‘art & science’ in the process of finding the right person and will push back on the areas that are not evident on a CV in order to ensure the person you hire makes a positive impact.

You won’t object to paying

Anything in life that you resent paying for probably was forced upon you or wasn’t the best choice. Recruitment is no different.

When you work with a recruiter and feel good about the fee, it’s a sign that you have partnered with someone who understands you, your team and supports your future plans by introducing someone who’s contribution will go way beyond the cost of a single recruitment fee.

Ask yourself, “how did I find my job?” If it was via a recruiter, has the organisation gained way more than they spent in that recruitment fee? Have you developed revenue or profit, hired and developed outstanding people & leaders, enabled the business to achieve its goals. If so, the fee to a recruiter should be celebrated as a great investment!

The recruiter can introduce people that bring something you can’t do yourself

One of the truisms in recruitment is that most employers hire in their own image. In fact, savvy recruiters will deliberately shortlist candidates that mirror certain characteristics of the hiring manager such as attending the same university, the same industry background, or having similar interests. But this practice of hiring in your own image brings with it a number of pitfalls.

If a hiring manager is looking to expand the skills and experience of their teams, new hires that challenge the ‘norms’ can add a huge amount of new energy, ideas and value. The fresh eyes and subjective understanding of a recruiter can be the perfect avenue to unlocking these new streams of talent.  

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