Tania Gudka

“My joy is in seeing individuals and businesses grow. Through the relationships I’ve built over 25 years in industry, I’ve learned that success comes from giving back and doing things in the right way.”

Tania Gudka spent 25 years at the heart of the banking industry. As Business Manager at Lloyds and Senior Commercial Relationship Manager at RBS, she devoted her talent and energy to helping individuals and businesses grow. Her passion lies in building and maintaining relationships that enable all involved to flourish.

Tania lives with a rare kidney disease and the determination which has defined her career has also helped her overcome kidney failure, surgery and dialysis. A mother of two, she is driven to live a life which exceeds expectations and make a valuable contribution to clients, candidates and the industry as a whole.

Her positivity, values and experience on both sides of the recruitment table make her a hugely valued member of the TAP team.