Talent Sourcing

We operate on an ethical foundation designed to remove unconscious bias from the recruitment process.

We work exclusively with organisations and leaders that are committed to inclusivity

Our approach to talent sourcing presents unique opportunities for both candidates and clients  

•TAP provides a ‘fear free’ partnership for candidates that perceive their individual difference may unfairly disadvantage them

•Our brand has a strong affinity and bond with all people that share our values

•We represent the best people for each and every role

We also provide additional support and resources for Graduates, Apprentices & School Leavers) via our 'NextGen' programme

TAP 'NextGen' is unique within our group as it is our only team dedicated to exclusively supporting people with disability or impairment and is our commitment to supporting the community that is at the core of our TAP values.

We know from experience that the group often most impacted by bias are those leaving university, college or school and taking their first step on the career ladder. Frequently the actual process of getting started is prohibitive and unnecessarily intimidating which results in those with disability or impairment being under represented across the majority of professions and careers.

Our NextGen team are there to guide and educate employers in becoming more available to those often excluded and to work with those stepping onto the career ladder with support as well as a direct connection with suitable employers and roles.    

Contact the team via email at: futureTAP@theabilitypeople.com